How to Use a Home Equity Line of Credit to Your Advantage

Having access to secured credit is a huge benefit to Canadians. The problem is, the media often sounds alarm bells concerning all types of credit – and frequently home equity lines of credit (HELOCs), in particular – roping it all into a giant debt cycle looming above all homeowners. In fact, we’re certain you have heard homeowners who access their … Read More

How Interest Rates Have Been Transformed Since the Last Mortgage Rule Changes

Just eight months ago it was easy to quote a mortgage rate on any given day and be confident that’s the rate our client would pay. But that all changed when the federal government’s latest mortgage rules came into effect in October 2016. Previously, multiple lenders would advertise their rates and we could shop for our clients. It was a … Read More

Buying Your First Home? Working with a Mortgage Broker is Your Best Choice

As licensed mortgage brokers, it’s our pleasure to walk you through every step of the homebuying and mortgage financing processes – from prequalification to funding and beyond. If you’re a first-time homebuyer, our extensive knowledge of the Canadian mortgage landscape will prove particularly beneficial. In today’s hot real estate market where multiple bids are reality, it has never been more … Read More

Purchase Plus Improvements Program

Purchase Plus Improvements Program You have been searching for a new home and have finally found one that you like. It’s right in your price range and all it needs is a few improvements. New floors, update the kitchen and bathroom, a coat of paint and it will be as good as new! Your problem is, once you calculate what … Read More

Your Credit Score – Why it is so Important for Your Mortgage Approval

The job of a Mortgage Professional is to provide our customers with unbiased mortgage options and professional financial advice. Knowledge of the lender guideline and and providing the best available interest rates is a very important part of our job. Giving professional financial advice on how to build and maintain a high credit score is another important part. When applying … Read More

BC HOME Partnership Program

On January 16th 2017 the BC provincial government rolled out its latest Housing Action initiative called  BC HOME Partnership Program.  This partnership is provided strictly for First Time Home Buyers ,it will assist them by providing a loan for a portion of the required down payment when buying their first home. This government-backed loan, will simply match the down payment … Read More

Home Equity Loans for Debt Consolidation, Is This Right For You?

What is a home equity loan?  Equity is defined as the value of the home minus any debts that are owed.  A home equity loan is a mortgage loan in which the equity in the home is used as collateral.  So the consumer borrows against the equity in the home up to a certain loan to value percentage as determined … Read More

Registered Retirement Savings For Use as Down Payment on Mortgage

Two out of three people living in Canada are homeowners. However, getting into a home can be expensive from the down payment to the closing costs. The Canadian government knows how hard it is to come up with the funds for a down payment for a home and they have come up with some creative ways of financing the down … Read More

Subsidized Housing Pays Big For Investors

What is subsidized housing? Subsidized housing programs are government-funded, assistance programs that are designed to help people with low to moderate income by paying all or part of their housing expenses to keep them stably housed and off of the streets. Most people that have heard of subsidized housing often associate this low-income housing and all of the stereotypes that … Read More

Bank of Canada Kept the Rate The Same, Again.

  The Bank of Canada made the decision to hold the overnight interest rates steady again.  Though this decision was one that was greatly anticipated by most in the industry, there was still the chance that the rate could have increased.  The decision to keep it the same provided relief of great news for all who hold a variable rate … Read More