westvancouver-The Mortgage Professionals

The city of West Vancouver is home to over forty-two thousand people. The city is mostly residential but does boast some very attractive options for tourists as well. In 2010, it was even home to the winter Olympics. Many of the people who live here either work from home, in town, or are among many who commute into the big city.

Most of the people living in West Vancouver own a home or have a mortgage. As of August of 2016, the median home price for the area was over $1,000,000. The median price for a house was $1,488,000. The median price for an apartment in the area was $786,900. This puts West Vancouver in the top 20% price range in all of Canada. The median home price in Canada in August, 2016 was at $290,090.

For people looking to take out a mortgage in West Vancouver, the best option for them to get the most for their money is to work with a mortgage broker. Working with a team of brokers means that the client has a team of professionals in the industry to advise on all of the current mortgage products as well as any incentive programs that the customer might qualify for. They personalize the mortgage product to fit the client’s need, and work with them step-by-step to make sure that the client has a thorough understanding of the mortgage process.

Best of all, the broker will do all of the shopping around for the client. They work with multiple banks and lenders across the industry. They compare and contrast all of the different products that are available as well as the rates and incentives that are being offered to take all the guesswork out of the mortgage process to ensure that customers not only get qualified, but are qualified at the best rates and with the best product to fit their mortgage needs.