yaletown-The Mortgage Professionals

Yaletown, also known as False Creek North, is one of Vancouver’s most trendy and desirable downtown neighbourhoods. The residents that make up this unique community range from hip professionals to local sports stars and celebrities. There is also a growing number of young families who choose to raise their children in this vibrant area versus moving to the ‘burbs and for good reason. Yaletown has gone through an incredible transformation over the years. You’ll find everything you need here including boutique shops and services, great local eateries and pubs, small produce merchants and quality grocers such as Urban Fair. All of this in a prime location with easy access to the skytrain, marina, and local parks and beaches.

For people looking to take out a mortgage in Yaletown, the best option for them to get the most for their money is to work with a mortgage broker. Working with a team of brokers means that the client has a team of professionals in the industry to advise on all of the current mortgage products as well as any incentive programs that the customer might qualify for. They personalize the mortgage product to fit the client’s need, and work with them step-by-step to make sure that the client has a thorough understanding of the mortgage process.

Best of all, the broker will do all of the shopping around for the client. They work with multiple banks and lenders across the industry. They compare and contrast all of the different products that are available as well as the rates and incentives that are being offered to take all the guesswork out of the mortgage process to ensure that customers not only get qualified, but are qualified at the best rates and with the best product to fit their mortgage needs.