Self Employed

Personalized solutions for self employed Canadians

Entrepreneurs and the self-employed are the superstars of the Canadian economy. They create value bring about innovations, so they don’t necessarily have the time to worry about mortgages. We understand these issues, and offer personalized solutions specifically for the self employed entrepreneurs.

The Mortgage Professionals have worked with several entrepreneurs and offered a variety of self employed packages fit for their lifestyle and circumstances. Call us today for a customized mortgage package and no obligation free consultation. The more complicated your mortgage situation, the more it makes sense to get guidance from a licensed professional. Your home is often used as an asset when asking for loans, so make sure you’re making the most out of it!

There is wide recognition that the self employed and entrepreneurs are excellent and reliable customer groups. We’ll help you get the best rate by leveraging your assets and historical bank documents, for instance, past recurring transactions such as rent and utilities, and downpayment.

Most importantly, we help you focus on your business so that you can continue to do what you do best! We’ll help you save time and frustration from securing a mortgage.

You work hard everyday, so it’s time to reward yourself. Contact us for a free consultation!